Established since Jun 2007, we are an event company with passion of creating the best program for you. We have the knowledge, the right team and best work methodology that will make a difference in achieving your company’s objectives.

As a company that creates knowledge to our today’s society, we strive to bring world class to our front line people which enable us to achieve your objectives.

With over 10 years experiences, we have been handling some of the major corporate clients in Malaysia nationwide for Promoter Activation, Product Advisor, Roadshow, Event Launch/PR Launch, Merchandising Services, Market Intelligent and Premium Sourcing.

Some of our established clients are Bristol Mayer Squibb for their Sustagen brand, Kellogg’s Asia Pacific for their cereal breakfast, Mamee Double Decker for their Nutrigen and IQ3 yogurt drink and LiteYo yogurt, Jordan Regional Office for their launch of Portable toothbrush, 3M Malaysia for their Scotch-Brite, Command, Scotch Tape, Evian for their Evian facial spray, etc.

By visiting our website today, we would like you to hold on to your thoughts and contact us to set up an appointment. As we grow and improve with time, you will see how our services can really help you.



  • SERVICES to Our Customer Above All Else – Consumer, Retailer & Customer.
  • RIGHT PEOPLE is Our Greatest Asset.
  • WORK with Passion, Honesty & Integrity.
  • PROFIT is a Necessary Means to Measure Our Success.
  • CONTINUOUS Improvement – Self & Company.



To be a Profitable Company with Self Sustaining Team that Provides Knowledge to the Society.



To challenge Ourselves and do the Best in What We Do.


  • Create Purpose.
  • Create Alignment to the People.
  • Create Knowledge.
  • Create Visual Understanding to Drive Results.

Having your product at the hand of consumer.

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation, Sheer Determination and Event Experiences.

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